The Importance of Supporting Local Businesses

The Importance of Supporting Local Businesses
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Small Business Week: Celebrating Local Businesses

Today, we have Kendall Spencer from Maris Bank joining us to talk about Small Business Week and the significance of supporting local businesses in our communities. Maris Bank is a strong advocate for this cause, and they offer a range of resources to help small businesses thrive. Let’s dive into the conversation!

Why Small Businesses Matter

Small businesses play a larger role in our economy than most people realize. In fact, over 80% of businesses in the United States are considered small businesses. These businesses are the heart of our neighborhoods and the main streets of our towns. They employ over half of the workforce and contribute significantly to our local communities. Supporting them is crucial, and Small Business Week shines a spotlight on the importance of doing so.

Maris Bank: A Community Bank for Small Businesses

Maris Bank, although a large bank, prioritizes community support. They were founded over 50 years ago in a small community in Georgia and have since expanded to cover four different states. Despite their size, Maris Bank remains deeply committed to supporting local communities, which are primarily driven by small businesses. While they do serve larger companies, their main focus is on banking small businesses.

Tailored Support for Small Businesses

Maris Bank stands out by offering personalized support to small business owners. They understand that these entrepreneurs often lack the time and resources to handle everything on their own. Unlike large companies with dedicated departments, small business owners are responsible for every aspect of their operations. Maris Bank steps in as a trusted partner, tailoring their products and services to meet the unique needs of each business. Their bankers build strong relationships with owners, providing guidance and asking important questions that might not have crossed their minds.

The Benefits of a Trusted Partner

For small business owners, having a trusted partner like Maris Bank is invaluable. They can rely on Maris Bank’s expertise and resources, which they may not have access to otherwise. By offering personalized assistance, Maris Bank helps small businesses thrive and compete against larger corporations. This support is crucial for these businesses, as they make up over 80% of all companies and significantly contribute to our local economies.

Be a Supportive Community Member

Supporting local businesses is not just beneficial for the businesses themselves, but also for our communities and overall economy. These businesses drive our local economies, provide employment opportunities, and contribute to the unique character of our neighborhoods. During Small Business Week and beyond, let’s make a conscious effort to support our local businesses.

To learn more about Maris Bank and their commitment to local businesses, visit Banking Blog. Let’s come together to create thriving communities!

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