Arlington State Bank: The Importance of Evacuation Zones

Arlington State Bank: The Importance of Evacuation Zones

When disaster strikes, it’s crucial to know if you’re in an evacuation zone. The recent announcement by the mayor has expanded the zones beyond just coastal communities, bringing a lot of uncertainty to residents. If you’re among those who are unsure about your evacuation status, we’re here to help!

Arlington State Bank
Arlington State Bank

Understanding the Evacuation Zones

Let’s start with the Collins Road area on the west side. If you live in the Argyle Forest area, near Collins Road and the Duval Clay County line, you are in an evacuation zone. Moving closer to NAS Jacksonville, the surrounding areas, including NAS News4JAX, are also included in the evacuation zone. So, if you live in these areas, it’s essential to evacuate.

Zooming In on the Affected Areas

To provide a better understanding of the roads that require evacuation, let’s focus on specific neighborhoods. Areas near Cortez Park, Sherwood Road, Nottingham Road, King Richard Road, Waverly Lane, and Grand Avenue, all the way up to Bed Park, fall within the evacuation zone.

Moving to Mandarin, only a small area is included in the evacuation zone, mainly along the river. Forest Circle and part of Beau Claire Road are now part of the Zone C evacuation area.

Downtown Jacksonville and Surrounding Areas

Downtown Jacksonville is not exempt from evacuation. If you live in the Tally Rand area or near EverBank Field, it’s crucial to evacuate. Additionally, certain areas around Union Street, Broad Street, Jefferson Street, and up to Fifth Street must also be evacuated.

Lastly, let’s not forget about the coastal areas along the river. Areas like East 44th Street, part of Evergreen Avenue, and Tally Ran are included in the evacuation zones.

Stay Informed and Prepared

Knowing your evacuation status is a matter of utmost importance when it comes to your safety during emergencies. Even though the city’s website may be overloaded due to high traffic, there are alternative ways to check if you’re in an evacuation zone. You can reach out to our phone bank, where our team can help you by typing in your address and providing you with the necessary information.

Remember, it’s essential to stay informed and prepared in times of crisis. For more information on this and other banking-related topics, visit Banking Blog. Stay safe, everyone!

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