Canyon Community Bank: Brushing Up Your Skills on the Slope!

Canyon Community Bank: Brushing Up Your Skills on the Slope!

Have you ever thought about how you can improve your mountain biking skills without venturing too far from your comfort zone? Well, look no further than the obstacles that you regularly ride past! Today, I’ll share with you five essential skills that you can practice on a simple slope.

Canyon Community Bank
Canyon Community Bank

Slow Speed Control: Dialing in Your Brakes

The first skill we’ll tackle is how slow you can go down the slope. This exercise is perfect for mastering your lever fear, weight distribution, and trusting your tires on different surfaces. By experimenting with your brakes, you’ll learn how they affect your weight position. Pulling the front brake will shift your weight forward, while the rear brake may result in a skid. Discover the limits of your brakes and familiarize yourself with the different weight shifts. This knowledge will pay off when you hit the trails.

Stoppie: Elevating Your Front Wheel

Once you’ve mastered slow speed control, it’s time to try the stoppie. Start with small movements, lifting your back wheel just inches off the ground, and gradually increase your height and distance. To execute a basic stoppie, approach the slope, compress your bike, and gently apply the front brake to lift the back end. Balance and modulate the brake to maintain a front-wheel descent. Though challenging, starting small and gradually progressing will help you nail this impressive trick.

Climbing: Conquering the Uphill Battle

Who said slopes are only for going downhill? Flip the bank upside down and transform it into a climbing challenge. There are countless techniques to explore while climbing a bank. Adjust your seat height, power mode, and gear choice to enhance the difficulty level. If it starts feeling too easy, reduce your run-up or attempt a failed hill climb from halfway up. The possibilities are endless on a simple bank!

Jumping: Catching Air on the Bank

Banks also serve as excellent launching pads. Before taking flight on bigger jumps, jumping into a bank allows you to practice getting air under your tires. Start cautiously by approaching the bank at a moderate speed and giving it a small hop. As your confidence grows, increase your approach speed and hop for more airtime. Remember, timing and a well-executed bunny hop are key to success.

Trail Section: Conquering the Technical Climb

Challenge yourself further by creating a trial section on the bank. Rather than aiming for a straight climb, make it more complex by going across, down, back up, and around the bank. Test your slow-speed control and precision. This exercise will prepare you for those challenging technical climbs on the trails, making them feel like a breeze during your rides.

So, why ride past those slopes and banks when you can maximize their potential to enhance your skills? Stop and session these obstacles, and you’ll be amazed at how much you can improve. Let us know your favorite skill in the comments below, and don’t forget to give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed this article. Visit Banking Blog for more exciting content. Happy riding, folks!

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