Coldwell Banker Burnet: A Journey of Growth and Entrepreneurship

Coldwell Banker Burnet: A Journey of Growth and Entrepreneurship

Are you ready for some exciting news? My dear friend Amy Rogers has made the decision to join us at eXp Realty! Welcome, Amy! Good morning, Tina! It’s great to have you join my happy place. I’m currently enjoying a day at Carolina Beach, my favorite place to be. Thanks for streaming in this morning.

As I was admiring the beautiful painting behind Amy, I realized that she has been a real estate agent for an impressive 19 years. From the moment she started, she fell in love with the industry. With her background in the art industry and an art degree, Amy quickly connected with people and built a successful business. She excelled in open houses, particularly in new construction neighborhoods, and her hard work paid off when she joined a team representing a large development group. Over the years, she has worked on various projects and neighborhoods, constantly adapting and thriving.

Amy’s journey took an unexpected turn when her husband’s company was sold, and they relocated to Saint Paul, Minnesota. With no sphere of influence and feeling like a fish out of water, Amy sought a real estate firm where she could rebuild her business. That’s when she discovered the power of the Coldwell Banker brand and signed on with Coldwell Banker Burnet. She found her people and leveraged the tools, systems, and relocation partnerships they offered to achieve success in Saint Paul’s market.

However, the freezing cold winters eventually led Amy back to her home state of North Carolina. She joined Coldwell Banker HPW and took on a position as a branch marketing coordinator, which allowed her to coach and train agents. Despite her success in leadership, Amy felt the need to step back into general brokerage, where her true passion for serving clients and selling real estate lies. She embraced the opportunity to build a stand-alone branch in Fuquay-Varina, serving her community for the past seven years.

Earlier this year, Amy decided it was time for a new chapter in her life. She wanted to focus on growing her personal brand and achieving her family’s goals for the next five years. That’s when she started exploring different platforms and came across eXp Realty. At first, she held some misconceptions about the company, thinking of it as just another disruptor in the industry. But as she dug deeper and witnessed the success of eXp agents, particularly through her new partnership with Tina, her perspective changed.

Amy discovered a supportive community at eXp Realty, filled with like-minded agents and innovative training opportunities. She realized that eXp offered the platform she needed to launch into the next phase of her career and accomplish her ambitious goals. She recognized the value of being surrounded by agents who are passionate about their business and have a deep desire to grow and succeed. Amy is thrilled to be part of this community and can’t wait to make a big impact.

During her time at Coldwell Banker, Amy learned the importance of building a business, not just serving clients. As an entrepreneur, she aspires to grow her personal brand and partner with agents across the state of North Carolina. Through coaching and training, she hopes to empower others, helping them realize their true potential and achieve their goals. Amy’s ultimate vision is to create a legacy for her family while embracing her love for the state she calls home.

So, my dear friends, I invite you to join Amy on this exciting journey. Reach out to her, explore the opportunities at eXp Realty, and witness the positive changes it can bring to your life and career. Together, let’s create something phenomenal and make a lasting impact in the real estate industry. Join us at eXp Realty and let’s soar to new heights!

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