Hacks for a Smoother School Life

Hacks for a Smoother School Life

School can be a challenging time, with tests, homework, and unexpected mishaps. But fear not! We’ve got some crafty solutions to help you outsmart those school hurdles. From hidden cheat sheets to cute DIY supplies, these hacks will make your school life a breeze!

Left Bank Ciders
Left Bank Ciders

Sneaky Cheat Sheet Eraser

Forgot to study for that algebra test? No problem! Grab an eraser and cut it down the middle, leaving a chunk intact. Flatten the chunk and apply glue stick on both sides. Write down your equations on a small sheet of paper and stick it onto the eraser. Fold it closed and voila! Your cheat sheet is ready! Just make sure to be discreet when using it.

Colorful Nail Polish Pencils

Want to add some pizazz to your plain pencils? Fill a large container with water and your favorite color nail polish. Pour the polish into the water and add more colors if desired. Dip your pencil slowly into the liquid and lift it out. Repeat as many times as you like with different colors. Now you have unique, colorful pencils that will make your classmates jealous!

Cute Paperclip Bookmarks

Tired of losing your place in your book? Grab a regular paperclip and bend the ends up and inward to form an X shape. You can do this with paperclips of different colors for a fun twist. These cute little bookmarks will keep you on track and add a touch of charm to your reading adventures.

Discreet Note Pocket

Worried about sensitive notes being discovered? Take a notebook and cut some paper that measures half its size. Apply glue stick on the sides of the paper and press it onto the lower half of the booklet. Use decorative tape to add a personal touch, like hearts at the top border of the pocket. Tuck in the ends, and voila! You now have a hidden pocket to keep your important notes safe from prying eyes.

DIY Page Protector

Is your notebook getting messy and unkept? Keep your pages neat with a homemade page protector. Fold a square piece of paper in half by matching the corners. Fold one corner to match the top corner and do the same on the other side. Unfold the corners and match the top corner with the bottom. Tuck each corner into the pocket and make sure they’re securely tucked in. Draw an eye shape on the folded corner and add fringe for a unicorn-inspired touch. This page protector will keep your books and folders from curling, while adding a delightful charm.

Upcycled Pencil Case

Tired of losing your pens and markers? Give them a safe home using an empty bottle and a zipper. Cut the bottle just below the neck and unzip the zipper halfway down. Apply hot glue to one strip of fabric and press it inside the bottom half of the bottle. Repeat this step with the rest of the fabric, aligning it inside the bottle. Now you can store your pens and markers securely in your DIY pencil case!

Embrace the School Hacks!

These school hacks will help you breeze through your days with creativity and style. From hidden cheat sheets to adorable DIY supplies, you’ll be the envy of your classmates. Don’t forget to share these hacks with your friends and classmates. And for more amazing tips and tricks, subscribe to our Banking Blog!

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