Midfirst Bank Oklahoma City: Embracing Inclusion and Empowering Abilities

Midfirst Bank Oklahoma City: Embracing Inclusion and Empowering Abilities

Welcome to the Banking Blog! Today, we want to shine a spotlight on an incredible organization that is making a difference in Oklahoma. Midfirst Bank Oklahoma City has partnered with Dale Rogers Training Center (DRTC), a private non-profit, to promote a more disability-inclusive workforce and community in the state.

Midfirst Bank Oklahoma City
Midfirst Bank Oklahoma City

A Legacy of Inclusion and Empowerment

DRTC has been at the forefront of empowering people with disabilities since its founding in 1953. With a mission to provide employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities or limiting conditions, DRTC has trained and employed over 1000 people, enabling them to earn $5.9 million in wages last year alone.

Setting the Standard for Excellence

DRTC’s commitment to excellence is evident through its national accreditation from CARF for rehabilitative services and CIMS for custodial services. As a United Way partner agency, DRTC’s programs receive vital funding, ensuring the quality and success of their initiatives.

Self-Generation of Revenue

What sets DRTC apart as a nonprofit organization is their ability to self-generate 89% of their total revenue through their businesses and services. By taking an entrepreneurial approach, DRTC has become a pioneer in creating opportunities for people with disabilities.

Transforming Lives Through Employment

DRTC’s Employment Services Program plays a crucial role in realizing the employment goals of individuals with disabilities. From application assistance to specialized support, Employment Training Specialists guide and empower individuals throughout their journey to secure meaningful employment.

Preparing the Future Workforce

DRTC also invests in the future generation through their transition program for high school students. By partnering with the Department of Rehabilitation Services, DRTC offers vocational training, job exploration, and summer camps to equip students with disabilities with essential skills and self-advocacy.

Changing Perspectives on Disability

At DRTC, the impact goes far beyond their main campus. Many of their employees with disabilities are integrated into the community, working at various worksites and businesses. Through vocational services, career counseling, and tailored support, individuals with disabilities are empowered to thrive in their chosen careers.

Making a Difference Beyond Employment

DRTC’s commitment to the community extends beyond employment services. Their Mobile Workforce provides valuable labor in production and assembly, contributing to businesses such as Pelco, Digital Design, and ATC Drivetrain. Additionally, their Special Needs Program serves individuals with more significant disabilities by providing access to employment and specialized transportation.

A Culture of Volunteerism

Volunteerism is ingrained in the fabric of DRTC. Their workforce dedicates over 1,500 hours annually to organizations like Feed the Children, the Regional Food Bank, and Pets and People. Making a difference in the lives of others is a core value at DRTC.

A Thriving Production Center

The DRTC Production Center collaborates with 40 businesses every year, completing 170 contracts across various industries. Through paid training and work skills, individuals with disabilities gain valuable experience while meeting the business needs of their clients.

Commercial Ventures and State Recognition

DRTC embraces its entrepreneurial spirit through ventures like DRTC Framing, providing custom framing services to prestigious customers like MidFirst Bank. As a State Use vendor, DRTC manufactures custom awards, trophies, and plaques that celebrate excellence and accomplishments.

Adapting to Challenges

Like many organizations, DRTC faced challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they swiftly adapted, implementing strict safety protocols, virtual services, and enhanced sanitation measures to ensure the well-being of their clients, employees, and customers.

Banking Blog is proud to support and highlight organizations like DRTC and Midfirst Bank Oklahoma City, who are leading the way in creating a more inclusive and empowering workforce for people with disabilities. Together, we can celebrate abilities and champion diversity in all aspects of life.

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