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Minonk Community Bank

Flooding continues to wreak havoc in Northeast Wisconsin, with communities like Fond du Lac and Ledgeview bearing the brunt of the rising water levels. The situation remains dangerous and unpredictable, with ice jams causing the water levels to rise rapidly, leading to potential flooding.

Minonk Community Bank
Minonk Community Bank

Ice Jams and Flooding

The recent warm weather has caused ice dams to melt, resulting in a backup of water that has flooded roads, homes, and public spaces. The Fond du Lac River, in particular, has experienced significant flooding, with dozens of homes affected. The local fire department has been working tirelessly to evacuate residents to safety.

Road Closures and Hazards

The flooding has also led to the closure of several roadways, including Highway 54 south of Black Creek. Drivers are urged to use alternate routes and exercise caution while traveling in the area. The hazardous conditions caused by the flooding have made some roads impassable, prompting officials to advise residents to stay home if possible.

Efforts to Mitigate Flooding

Public works teams have been actively working to clear ice jams in an effort to alleviate the flooding. As temperatures continue to rise, they hope that the accumulated snow will melt, allowing the water to trickle back into the river. Until then, residents in the affected areas should remain vigilant and avoid driving through flooded streets.

Stay Informed with Local 5

To stay updated on the latest weather conditions and flooding alerts, follow us on social media at WFRV-LOCAL-FIVE. Our dedicated team of meteorologists will keep you informed and provide real-time updates on the situation.

Remember, safety should always be your top priority during challenging times like these. If you live near a river or any body of water, make sure you have a way to monitor water levels and heed any evacuation notices issued by local authorities.

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Stay safe, stay informed, and take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

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