Pinnacle Bank Arena: A Vision of Grandeur

Pinnacle Bank Arena: A Vision of Grandeur

Welcome to the future home of the Detroit Red Wings and Pistons! The Pinnacle Bank Arena is set to host thrilling games, electrifying concerts, and so much more. But at the moment, it’s hard to picture what it will look like amidst the surrounding apartments, offices, and hotels.

Luckily, Olympia Development and Entertainment have a brilliant solution. They have harnessed the power of high-tech tools, including a large 3D printed model, to bring their vision to life. This model not only helps them plan the arena itself but also the entire District of Detroit – a vibrant 50-block area at the core of the city.

Pinnacle Bank Arena Seating
Pinnacle Bank Arena Seating

A Glimpse into the Future

With the help of this enormous 3D print, the team behind the Pinnacle Bank Arena can showcase their ambitious plans. On the east side, there will be offices along Woodward Avenue. Meanwhile, on the west and south sides, you’ll find parking garages, apartments, retail space, and restaurants. The intricate details of the arena’s interior are also revealed, including gondola seating and a transparent roof that can double as a colossal projection screen.

Prepare to be amazed as you witness things larger than life. This arena aims to provide an experience unlike anything you’ve seen in Disney, Times Square, or even Vegas. The impact will be enormous, blowing away even the most discerning visitors.

Printing the Mold of Greatness

Creating a 3D print of an arena that can hold a whopping 20,000 hockey fans is no small feat. But Jim, from Stratus, the company responsible for this impressive production, was up for the challenge. He eagerly accepted the task of creating the entire model within a tight three to four-week deadline. Although he has worked on projects involving rockets and race cars, Jim admits that this one stands out as exceptionally cool.

Beyond the Arena: The District of Detroit

The Pinnacle Bank Arena is just one half of this remarkable project. The other half focuses on the entirety of the District of Detroit. Olympia Development wanted a tool that could help them peer into the future, a way to test what ideas worked and identify any challenges.

This comprehensive model showcases all 50 blocks of the District of Detroit, tying together iconic landmarks such as Ford Field, Comerica Park, Little Caesars Arena, the Fox Theatre, and more. Starting with a simple plan for an arena, the vision quickly expanded. The larger model now offers planners a panoramic view of the district, enabling them to identify properties that may need to be acquired for further expansion. It’s like solving a giant puzzle, one that evolves with each new development.

A Bright Future for Detroit

This 3D print symbolizes the comeback of our beloved city. It’s a source of pride for Detroiters, reminding us of the endless possibilities that lie ahead. With technology on our side, understanding the grandeur of the Pinnacle Bank Arena and the District of Detroit is now within our reach.

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