Tootsie Roll Bank

Tootsie Roll Bank

Tootsie Roll Bank – A Delicious Twist to Traditional Banking

Do you have a sweet tooth for money management? Look no further than the Tootsie Roll Bank! Born out of Leo Hirshfield’s desire for a chocolate-tasting candy that can withstand the heat, Tootsie Roll Industries has been a household name in the confectionery industry for over a century. But did you know that they also have their own bank? Yes, you heard that right – a bank that combines the sweetness of their famous Tootsie Rolls with the stability of traditional banking. Let’s dive into the history and offerings of this unique financial institution.

Tootsie Roll Bank
Tootsie Roll Bank

A Sweet Beginning

Tootsie Roll Industries started as a small candy shop in New York City back in 1896. Leo Hirshfield, an Austrian immigrant, joined forces with the Stern & Staalberg firm and together they created a candy that would forever change the confectionery landscape. Leo wanted a chocolate candy that wouldn’t melt in the heat, and thus, the Tootsie Roll was born. Named after his daughter’s nickname, “Tootsie,” these delightful treats quickly gained popularity among candy lovers.

The Tootsie Pop Revolution

In 1931, Tootsie Roll Industries introduced the world to the Tootsie Pop – a hard-candy lollipop with a Tootsie Roll filling. This ingenious creation became a hit during the Depression era due to its affordable price. In fact, Dust Bowl refugees were drawn to Tootsie Pops as a tasty treat that didn’t break the bank. Even American soldiers during World War II relied on Tootsie Rolls as a part of their field rations, thanks to their ability to withstand various environmental conditions.

A Legacy of Success

Tootsie Roll Industries faced its fair share of challenges over the years. However, thanks to the leadership of the Rubin family, the company not only survived but thrived. Bernard D. Rubin, followed by his brother William B. Rubin, successfully steered Tootsie Roll Industries through the difficult war years and beyond. In 1962, Ellen Rubin Gordon, William’s daughter, took the reins and has been leading the company as Chairman and CEO to this day.

A Delectable Banking Experience

Now, let’s shift our focus from candy to finance. The Tootsie Roll Bank offers a unique twist to traditional banking, combining the sweetness of their iconic confections with the stability of a reputable financial institution. With their headquarters located in Chicago’s former Dodge Plant, the Tootsie Roll Bank produces a range of candy products, ensuring a steady flow of funds to support their banking services.

Sweet Offers and Treats

At the Tootsie Roll Bank, you can enjoy a range of banking products and services. Just like their confectionery offerings, their financial offerings are diverse and cater to all tastes. From Tootsie Rolls and Tootsie Pops to Frooties fruit flavored chewy candy, the bank has something for everyone. And that’s not all! They also offer Child’s Play assorted candies, Dots gumdrops, and Crows licorice candy. If you have a craving for chocolate, indulge in their Andes Chocolate Mints, Junior Mints, or Cella’s chocolate-covered cherries. The list goes on, and it’s a candy lover’s dream come true!

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So, indulge your senses and satisfy your financial cravings with the Tootsie Roll Bank. It’s a match made in confectionery heaven, where sweet treats meet smart banking.

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