West Ohio Food Bank: Helping Our Neighbors in Need

West Ohio Food Bank: Helping Our Neighbors in Need

The holiday season is a beautiful reminder of the importance of helping our neighbors in need. Here in Northeast Ohio, the Greater Cleveland Food Bank is making an incredible impact, ensuring that everyone in our communities has access to nutritious food every day.

West Ohio Food Bank
West Ohio Food Bank

A New Facility Making a Difference

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank recently expanded its facility, allowing them to help even more people in need. With a new 200,000 square foot space, including a large production kitchen, they now have the capacity to provide almost 20,000 meals a day. This expansion was accelerated due to the skyrocketing need caused by the pandemic.

Volunteers and Staff Making a Real Difference

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank relies on the dedication of its volunteers and staff to keep their operations running smoothly. Retiree Marcy Zavel is one of the many volunteers who feel a strong sense of fulfillment by lending a helping hand. “I know that there are so many people in need, and I really feel that my helping actually does something right here at the center of where it’s happening,” she emphasizes.

Growing Need, Driven by Challenges

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank serves approximately 50 million meals each year, and the need continues to grow. Rising food costs, higher fuel costs, and increasing rent and utility bills have had a significant impact on individuals and families in our community. However, CEO Kristen Warzeka wants people to know that they are not alone. The organization provides help through their open help center, staffed by dedicated professionals who are ready to assist those in need.

Join the Effort!

If you’re looking for a meaningful way to make a difference, the Greater Cleveland Food Bank welcomes volunteers. Whether it’s checking the quality of food items or organizing donations, your contribution can go a long way. By donating just one dollar, the Food Bank can provide enough food for three nutritious meals. So, let’s band together and join their inspiring mission!

Find out more about the amazing work being done at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank and stay updated with the latest news and tips on our Banking Blog. Together, we can make a real impact in our community!

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